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Santa Cruz 52

At Santa Cruz Yachts we have combined technical innovation, craftsmanship and legendary Santa Cruz performance to produce a yacht which matches the quality and interior accommodations of manufacturers like Swan and Hinckley while providing superior performance on every point of sail. This yacht is not only comfortable and very fast, it has been designed for strength, safety at sea and ease of handling.

“Compared to similar-sized cruisers, the 52 is a moderately priced, sturdily constructed, well-appointed yacht that benefits from a 20-year design evolution. Cruisers will travel quickly and in comfort. With proper preparation, racers should find themselves at the top of the fleet in long- distance or buoy races.”

- Practical Sailor, July, 1995
If you seek a true Cruiser/Racer, we invite you to investigate the Santa Cruz 52. More information follows, but to fully appreciate this fine yacht you really have to see it. Contact the Wizard to make an appointment for a demonstration sail.


The Santa Cruz 52 is a high quality, high performance yacht that can be cruised comfortably or raced successfully. The SC52 is designed for people who want to get their quickly and safely while enjoying the amenities of a fine luxury yacht. To add to the versatility we put extra effort into making short-handed sailing a reality on a boat that sails faster than most seventy footers.

“In our experience, moderately priced boats marketed as ‘dual-purpose’ performers tend to reflect compromises in performance or amenities, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the SC52.”

- Practical Sailor, July 1995


The Santa Cruz 52 has been designed to be fast, not according to some race handicap rule, but just plain fast! The SC52 has a powerful sail plan, but its light displacement results in lower loads. Lower loads, lighter sails and the SC52 deck layout mean high performance can be achieved by both short-handed cruisers and full racing crews. Both conventional and asymmetrical spinnakers are available. A unique, dual-purpose, deck-mounted spinnaker pole serves as a retractable 7-foot sprit enabling easy use of a very powerful asymmetrical spinnaker, further enhancing short-handed cruising. The SC52 moves well in light air, but if the wind dies, you will cruise at 9 knots with its 62 hp Yanmar diesel.

SC52 sailing downwind In addition to terrific cruising performance, the SC52 wins races, both first-to-finish and handicap (IMS, PHRF, or whatever is next), and has compiled an extremely successful race record (summary available). Most of these races have been won with a full cruising interior, demonstrating the SC52 may be the only true dual purpose racer/cruiser available.

Strength and Safety

The Santa Cruz 52 is designed and engineered to be very strong with specifications well in excess of ABS Standards. Advanced technology has enabled designers and builders to produce yachts which are both strong and light so it is no longer necessary to equate strength with weight. Every piece of furniture, every panel, every cabinet is fully and carefully bonded to the hull and deck, providing an integrated hull support structure. The forward section of the hull includes a kevlar collision mat and a watertight bulkhead.

Other features add to the safety of the SC52. The IMS Stability Index of 121 indicates this is a very stable and safe yacht. The large cockpit is secure, with substantial coamings, easy access through the companionway and drains very rapidly through the open transom. The SC52 is organized so it can be sailed from the safety of the cockpit. The SC52’s speed and short-handed capability are also important safety characteristics.

Comfort and Quality

The Santa Cruz 52 will not only get you there quickly and safely, you will be able to enjoy the comforts of a luxury cruising yacht both on passage and in the harbor.

The SC52’s spacious, well thought-out interior has two large private staterooms each with double berths. You will find a separate stall shower in one of the two heads. The large salon provides dining for 7 and includes 2 roomy pilot berths. There is ample storage throughout the cabins. The teak and holly cabin sole, solid teak trim, and white-accented paneling combine to produce a warm but light and airy environment.

SC52 navigator's station SC52 dining area

Typical equipment on the first 9 Santa Cruz 52’s built includes: three burner LPG stove with oven and broiler, 8 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, watermaker, dual deep-cycle battery banks, 2kW AC power inverter, microwave and more.

The design and installation of the mechanical systems on the Santa Cruz 52 is superb. The wiring and plumbing systems are readily accessible, thoughtfully laid-out and fully marked and identified. We encourage you to examine our glasswork, look inside our lockers and under the floor boards, inspect the wiring and check the plumbing. We are confident you will be impressed and agree the “fit and finish” is equal to or better than the most expensive yachts.

SC52 Drawings

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Compare the Santa Cruz 52 to other High Quality Yachts

Why settle for a heavier, slower, small, more expensive yacht when you can own a modern high performance Cruiser/Racer? This table shows that, compared to the SC52, a “traditional” yacht about the same price will be smaller with far less performance. Or, you can spend much more for similar size, amenities, and quality but still fall well short of SC52 performance. Why wait for the other builders to design and build true performance cruisers? Compare performance, features, quality, aesthetics, price. By any measure, the Santa Cruz 52 is an exceptional yacht and a terrific value.

Santa Cruz 52 Performance Plots | SC52 Photo Collection

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