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Our new 27-foot racing sloop has been developed from our years of experience with high performance light displacement racing sailboats. Several of the leaders in the field have had particular influence on our new superboat, including Van de Stadt's Black Soo Starbuck, George Olson's Grendel, Steve Fennell's (Pi), and Bill Lee's Magic, Witchcraft, Chutzpah and Panache.

Our 27 will be an all-around performer. She will have the exceptional off-the-wind performance characteristic of all the light boats, and in addition will have both strong heavy air upwind capability and very good light air performance.

The most important design features that make this possible are light displacement and long waterline, combined with an optimum hull shape for the correct balance between stability and wetted surface. The hull shape also has the optimum rocker for high speed surfing in big waves, and a very substantial spade rudder for good directional control in all conditions. The sail area is carefully calculated with respect to both stability and wetted surface to insure excellent performance in all wind conditions.

The general layout has taken into account years of past history of ocean racing. The cockpit design was chosen after a careful analysis of existing and potential space arrangements to provide the maximum comfort and efficiency. The layout is arranged to integrate the traveller, winches, tiller, and lines from the mast and winches into a practical and workable unit. The winch islands which also form the seat back rests are carefully designed for both sitting comfort and optimum functioning. They are large for sitting and for the best arrangement and use of hardware. Cockpit drainage is through l 1/2-inch drains out the transom, and the drain outlets are oversize to double as foot steps for climbing aboard from swimming or man overboard.

The cabin house has flush solar control bronze windows, both in the side and the top. The optional Goiot-type forward hatch provides even more light below and makes for more convenient sail handling, yet leaves the foredeck clear and manueverable for easy and safe foredeck work and cruising comfort.

Below, the layout is designed for use and comfort at sea. There are two quarter berths aft, then small seats on each side with storage underneath. Forward of these are a galley counter to port and a chart table to starboard. In the forepeak are two single berths, or an optional double berth: the single berths are preferable for racing at sea, the double for overnight cruising.

A word about ratings - our 27 will rate about 25 IOR or about 29 CCA, the rating system currently used by MORC. This may seem high for a 27-foot boat until one considers that a rating is simply a speed prediction and that a well-designed fast boat such as this will have no trouble winning her fair share under either rating system.

Our Santa Cruz 27 represents a superior investment in a racing boat. Her 8-foot beam allows her to be easily trailered, and her 3000-lb displacement allows her to be launched from larger yacht club hoists. As she is not designed specifically to a rule, she will not be obsoleted by rule changes.

She is well balanced, lively and fun to sail, pleasing in appearance, and strongly built. We feel our superboat will be a joy to own, race, and cruise for years to come.

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