Well, on a lake with no water in it.

These pictures were taken at Ivanpah dry lake near Hiway 15 on the California Nevada Border. Speeds were recorded thru traps in excess of 85 miles per hour. The event was the 1975 America's Cup of Land Sailing and is still held annually around April.

The car was MAGIC CARPET designed and built by Bill Lee to Class II which allows 120 square feet of sail area and no other rules.

Dirt boats are very much like Ice boats:

However Dirt boats have yet to reach the higher top end speeds of Ice boats and the difference may be that with the thin film of dust on the desert floor, the dirt boats tires at high speed don't maintain good sideways traction and the car starts to side slip. Ice boat runners never go sideways easily, just frontwards and with very little drag.

Magic Carpet

You can't have too much fun.