The Wizard's Store

OK, so you aren't ready to buy a yacht to Go Faster in today, How about some of this fun Wizard merchandise?

Half Models

Scale: 3/8":1' - Teak mounting board is 7-1/2" high by 28" long.

Merlin half model - $295.00

The Wizard's Self-reefing Kevlar tie

 Be the first on your dock with one of these beauties. Self-reefing to allow soup to be eaten on choppy seas without staining your tie. Comes pre-tied for the always proper knot.

Kevlar tie - $25.00

Your own "Get Licked by Merlin" button

Approximately 3" in diameter. Now in stock!

Merlin buttons - $3.00

The Wizard's Socks

The Wizard believed in Red Socks way before the New Zealanders discovered their magical powers.

Not yet available.

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