Here are some of the Wizard's tales.
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Merlin - Bill Lee's Magic Bus

Latitude 38's history of the legendary sled.

Sailor of the Decade - Bill Lee

Latitude 38's 1987 tribute to the Wizard.

Going With The Wind

Sports Illustrated Nov.1978 post-Transpac story about Merlin

The Santa Cruz 27 Story

How fast can you go in the middle of the night in 35 knots of wind and 15 foot breaking seas.

Reward offered for original picture

This is a classic shot of Merlin.

The Wizard offers to race for pink slips

Read on.

The Merlin sailing single-handed

If Fast is Fun, this must have been a barrel of monkeys.

The Wizard sheds his Wizard cape for a tux?

See it here.

Here's the Wizard's story of Merlin

How the Transpac legend was born.

The Wizard's Photo Album

More fast sailing fun.

The Wizard's Store

See what the Wizard has to offer.

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Merlin sails into the New Year 2017

Latitude 38 article featuring Merlin’s homecoming.

Bill Lee, Merlin, and the cosmic thrill

Sail Magazine's June, 1977 pre-Transpac story about Merlin

Fast Is Fun Video’s


Among the best of the best …

Sea Horse Magazine Dec. 2014

Reminiscing Tour of Bill Lee Yachts

Merlin to Maui 1978